15 Adorable Easter Cards to Send to Friends and Family

They'll love that "somebunny" was thinking of them.


Whether you're all about the funny bunnies, or you just want to show off the kids in their Sunday best, there's an Easter card that's absolutely perfect for you.

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"Hoppy to Have Somebunny"


This adorable punny card would make a delightful Easter-morning surprise for that special someone.

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Easter Blessings


Add a little sparkle to the Easter celebration this year, with the help of this elegant sequined card.

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Shout Out to My Peeps


Send cheerful Easter greetings to all your favorite "peeps" with this fun note.

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Eggceptional Easter


This card really packs in the puns! Not to mention, it's got a gorgeous watercolor design that's perfect for springtime.

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Somebunny Loves You


This elegant tri-fold card is a cheerful but understated way to celebrate the season.

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Bunny Love


We absolutely love the little details on this bunny card, from the cute triangle nose to the hand-stitched eyes.

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He Is Risen


Focus on what Easter is really all about with this spiritual card featuring a crown of thorns.

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Easter Wreath


We can practically smell the flowers on this cheerful springtime card that's sure to delight any recipient.

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Be honest — the reason we're excited for Easter is definitely all the sweet treats coming our way!

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Springtime Cheer


These understated cards with cheerful yellow accents are a fun but elegant way to let friends know you're thinking of them.

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Blooms and Blossoms


This totally gorgeous watercolor card with bold, bright flowers reminds us that spring has officially arrived, and we couldn't be happier.

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This card brings both style and substance, with incredible calligraphy art and a powerful message about Easter.

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Hen Eggs


The bunny isn't the only farm animal who's making an appearance on Easter Sunday. After all, where did you think those eggs really came from?

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Easter Tulips

Prices vary

These personalized Easter cards are a great way to keep in touch with faraway friends and family who still want to share in your Easter cheer.

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Embossed Cross


These colorful cards have messages of faith that are perfect for Easter. And since it comes in a set of 10, you can save a couple for upcoming baptisms, weddings, and other religious celebrations.

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