The 22 Most Gorgeous Royal Wedding Tiara Moments of All Time

Princess Margaret's was simply ICONIC.

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on May 19, she'll finally get to partake in one of the greatest perks of being a royal: . In honor of the occasion, take a look back at 22 of the most gorgeous royal wedding tiaras of all time.

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zara tindall
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Zara Tindall

Wedding date: July 30, 2011

Wedding tiara: -patterned tiara. The diadem, which is in Princess Anne's collection and is one of her favorites, once belonged to Prince Philip's mother, Princess Andrew of Greece. It's often called

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kate middleton tiara
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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Wedding date: April 29, 2011

Wedding tiara: Kate wore the Cartier Halo Tiara, also called the Cartier Scroll Tiara, It was loaned to the Duchess by Queen Elizabeth II. The tiara was purchased by Elizabeth's father, King George VI, for his wife, the Queen Mother, in 1936. The Queen Mother then gave the gorgeous tiara to Elizabeth on her 18th birthday.

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Autumn Kelly
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Autumn Kelly

Wedding date: May 17, 2008

Wedding tiara: Autumn married Peter Phillips, , wearing the Festoon tiara, which was by the World Wide Shipping Group. Anne wears the delicate diamond tiara often, and lent it to her new daughter-in-law on her wedding day.

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lady Rose Windsor
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Lady Rose Gilman

Wedding date: July 19, 2008

Wedding tiara: Lady Rose wore the Iveagh Tiara on her wedding day. The tiara as a wedding gift from Lord and Lady Iveagh, also known as Edward and Adelaide Guinness, and it was eventually passed on to Lady Rose's mother, Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester.

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laura parker bowles
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Laura Lopes

Wedding date: May 6, 2006

Wedding tiara: Laura Lopes, and her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles, wore a family heirloom, , on her wedding day. The tiara once belonged to Camilla's grandmother, Sonia Cubitt, and later to Camilla's mother, Rosalind Shand. The floral tiara was also worn by Camilla at her first wedding in 1973.

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Claire Windsor, Countess of Ulster

Wedding date: June 22, 2002

Wedding tiara: While little information about Claire Windsor's wedding jewelry is known publicly, the all-diamond diadem of the six tiaras owned by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Claire's in-laws.

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prince edward sophie wedding
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Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Wedding date: June 19, 1999

Wedding tiara: Sophie married in an intimate royal wedding in 1999. Sophie's diamond tiara was a gift from the Queen. It was remodeled for Sophie by the crown jeweler, and was created out of four pieces of a crown that once belonged to Queen Victoria,

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sarah chatto
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Lady Sarah Chatto

Wedding date: July 14, 1994

Wedding tiara: wore the Snowdon Floral Tiara on her wedding day. The tiara is comprised of three diamond floral brooches as wedding presents in 1960. Margaret wore the brooches on their own, but they weren't until Sarah's wedding in 1994.

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serena stanhope
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Serena Armstrong-Jones, Countess of Snowdon

Wedding date: October 8, 1993

Wedding tiara: Serena married David Armstrong-Jones, and Antony Armstrong-Jones, wearing the Lotus Flower Tiara that belonged to Margaret. The diamond and pearl tiara was given to Princess Margaret

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 Lady Helen Windsor
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Lady Helen Taylor

Wedding date: July 18, 1992

Wedding tiara: Taylor, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, chose the Kent Diamond and Pearl Fringe Tiara for her wedding day. Her mother Katharine also wore the gorgeous tiara to her wedding. That tiara is believe to be a modified version of a bandeau tiara that once belonged to Queen Mary,

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sarah ferguson 
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Sarah, Duchess of York

Wedding date: July 23, 1986

Wedding tiara: Sarah wore a diamond and platinum tiara for her wedding to The tiara, which is often called the York Diamond Tiara, was purchased by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh from Garrard. necklace, earring, and bracelet set given to Sarah by the Queen and Prince Philip as a wedding gift.

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princess diana tiara
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Princess Diana

Wedding date: July 29, 1981

Wedding tiara: her family tiara, the Spencer tiara, . A combination of many pieces of jewelry, the center of the tiara was a gift from Lady Sarah Spencer to Cynthia Spencer, Countess Spencer on her wedding day in 1919. It was remounted with new elements made by Garrard in 1937. also wore the tiara on their wedding days, as did Victoria Lockwood, who married Diana's brother Charles in 1989,

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princess michael of kent
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Princess Michael of Kent

Wedding date: June 30, 1978

Wedding tiara: Princess Michael, also known as Marie Christine, only wore a tiara to a ball held after her wedding, not at her actual marriage ceremony. She chose for the celebration, a piece which was originally given to Princess Michael's mother-in-law, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent by the City of London on her wedding day in 1934. The tiara was left to her husband, Prince Michael, when Princess Marina died in 1968. It was also worn by Princess Alexandra of Kent on her wedding day.

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princess anne tiara
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Princess Anne

Wedding date: November 14, 1973

Wedding tiara: chose a particularly meaningful tiara for her wedding to Mark Phillips: Queen Mary's Russian Fringe tiara, which the Queen also wore on her wedding day. 47 diamond bars along with smaller diamond spikes and was made by Garrard.

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Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester

Wedding date: July 8, 1972

Wedding tiara: Interestingly enough, Brigitte on her wedding day to Prince Richard of Gloucester. Instead, she wore a crown of flowers in her hair to secure her veil.

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Princess Alexandra
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Princess Alexandra of Kent

Wedding date: April 24, 1963

Wedding tiara: Princess Alexandra of Kent wore the Kent City of London Fringe tiara on her wedding day, which she borrowed from her mother Princess Marina. The stunning tiara was given to Marina, on her wedding day in 1934.

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The Duke And Duchess Of Kent
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Katharine, Duchess of Kent

Wedding date: June 8, 1961

Wedding tiara; Katharine, Duchess of Kent wore the Kent Diamond and Pearl Fringe Tiara when she married Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The tiara had been given to her by her mother-in-law, Princess Marina, and she wore it often.

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princess margaret tiara
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Princess Margaret

Wedding date: May 6, 1960

Wedding tiara: on her wedding day, which was purchased as Margaret's engagement to Antony Armstrong-Jones was announced. Garrard created the tiara in the 1870s for Lady Florence Poltimore. Sadly, the gorgeous piece was sold after Margaret's death

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elizabeth wedding tiara
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Queen Elizabeth

Wedding date: November 20, 1947

Wedding tiara: Queen Elizabeth wore Queen Mary's Russian Fringe tiara on her wedding day. The piece of jewelry was made for Queen Mary, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth, in 1919 and can be worn as a necklace or atop the head. but was quickly repaired.

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e Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
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Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester

Wedding date: November 06, 1935

Wedding tiara: Alice didn't actually wear a tiara to her royal wedding to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. that attached to her tulle veil. The wedding was an unexpectedly somber occasion because Alice's father died only weeks before the ceremony.

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Princess Marina tiara
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Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent

Wedding date: November 29, 1934

Wedding tiara: Princess Marina was given by the City of London on her wedding day, when she married Prince George, Duke of Kent. The tiara has since earned the name Kent City of London Fringe Tiara, and has also been worn by Marina's daughter, Alexandra, and daughter-in-law Marie-Christine on their wedding days.

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queen elizabeth queen mother
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Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Wedding date: April 26, 1923

Wedding tiara: For her bridal portraits, Queen Elizabeth's mother wore the Strathmore tiara, which was a wedding gift from her father, the Earl of Strathmore. The tiara likely dates back to the late nineteenth century, and it features a garland of roses set with rose-cut diamonds.

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