Everything You Need To Know About Christina Anstead's Husband, Ant Anstead

NBD, but he's gotten dating advice from Prince Harry.


Even the most diehard HGTV fans may have a hard time keeping up with Christina and Ant Anstead's lives. Let's bring you up to speed on the power couple, real fast. Ready? Let's go:

In November 2017, about a year after her divorce from Tarek El Moussa, Christina El Moussa began dating English TV host, Ant Anstead. The Flip or Flop star over Ant, saying he's "fun and hilarious, spiritual, and to top it all off, he's hot AF." Fast forward to December 2018, the couple got married in a surprise ceremony, and three months later, they announced they're expecting a baby. As much as you may follow the couple's every Insta Story, how well do we know Ant? Here's everything you need to know about Christina's new husband.

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1 His name full name is Anthony Richard Anstead.

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Ant for short, the 39-year-old’s name is Anthony Richard Anstead, and he was born in Plymouth, England, in 1979.

2 He's A BFD In The Car Industry.

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Ant's known for co-hosting U.K. show For the Love of Cars in 2014, where he was a restoration expert. More recently, he was a mechanic on a different U.K. show, Wheelers and Dealers, reports.

3 He met Christina through a mutual friend.

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On his birthday in March, Christina posted a photo of Ant on Instagram, where she said she was introduced to Ant through a mutual friend, calling it “#fate.” In the post she wrote, “He has already grounded me in so many ways and I’m so grateful for him.”

4 He’s received dating advice from Prince Harry.

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On the day of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, Ant took to to congratulate the couple. He slid quite the humblebrag into the caption, , “Ps. I text Harry a few months ago asking for tips for dating a Yank 😲 his reply will be kept secret!!!!!!!” NBD.

5 Like Christina, he has two kids.

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Ant has a 15-year-old daughter, Amelie, and a 12-year-old son, Archie. His kids live with their mom, Ant’s ex-wife, in London.

6 He's written two books—and has a third on the way.

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Before working on cars and hosting TV shows, Ant was a police officer. He published Cops and Robbers: The Story of the British Police Car and Petrol Head Parenting in 2018 and revealed in an Instagram post that his third book is in its early stages.

Cops and Robbers: The Story of the British Police Car, HarperCollins Publishers (AVAILABLE ON AMAZON), $30

7 He lives in the same town as Tarek.

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According to his Instagram bio, Ant lives in Newport Beach, California.

8 He’s inspired by Christina and Tarek’s working relationship.

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After posting a six-month anniversary photo to Instagram, a commenter asked, "Isn't it weird that she is still on TV with her ex?" Ant replied, "Not at all! What truly inspiring professionals they both are! Hats off to them."

9 He loves selfies.

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Okay, okay. This is pure speculation, but, I've done some stalking and him and Christina have a .

10 He and Christina are expecting their first child together.

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Ant and Christina are already the proud parents to four kids—each have two kids from a previous marriage—and now, their blended family is about to get a little bigger. The couple announced on Instagram that they're expecting a little one this September.

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