The Craziest Wedding Gifts Anyone Has Ever Added To Their Registry

Why buy avocados when you could ask your friends to gift them to you?

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If you're on the wedding circuit — meaning everyone you know is getting married, like, right now — you know your way around a . You're familiar with the usual suspects: a Dutch oven, a KitchenAid stand mixer, a legit . But this is 2018, and as much as your mother complains that are tacky, they're a total Thing. Wedding registry site took a look at the craziest ones couples have created — and we're not sure how to feel.

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A Lifetime Supply Of Avocados
Getty ImagesVovchyn Taras

Apparently, money isn't the only green gift that'll make you happy. Think of the things you could do with : , healthy , a freaking .

A 20-Stop Italian Gelato Tasting
Getty ImagesBurak Karademir

This couple needed cash money to fund a trip to 20 different regions of Italy — and a in each one.

An Emergency Donut Fund
Getty ImagesKanokkan Sokanket

Honestly, when have you not wanted a dozen during an emotional emergency? Newlywed fights could end so much quicker if you have frosted pastries on hand.

A Never-Ending Supply Of Chipotle
Getty ImagesScott Olson

We kinda dig a couple who throws e.coli cautions to the wind. or bust, you know?

An Underwater Dining Experience
Getty ImagesRosemary Calvert

A trip to Bali and the Maldives meant one thing for this couple: a .

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