15 Stunning Flowers That Still Bloom Even in the Dead of Winter

Who needs spring?

Flowers Blooming in Snow
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Flower lovers, you don't have to pack away your gardening tools once cold weather hits. There's no need to wait for spring to enjoy pretty plants: There are plenty of flowers that'll bloom even in the dead of winter—and even some varieties that thrive in the cold—to get you through, and they're all pretty stunning, too.

From snowdrops to pansies and hellebore to holly, if you aren't sure which buds to plant as things start to cool down, these beautiful flowers are a great place to start.

Close-Up Of White Flowering Plants
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Snowdrop Seeds, $1.99, amazon.com

Snowdrops, with their beautiful, droplet-like, downturned white petals, first appear in early November, and according to , while they typically last until just after Christmas, they can thrive all the way through February.

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English Primrose

50 Mixed Colors English Primrose Seeds, $2, etsy.com

While most primroses bloom in the spring, the is a go-to in the winter. They come in nearly every color, and can make your yard feel a bit sunnier when it's gray and miserable outside.

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Mixed Pansy Seeds, $2.46, amazon.com

These are a must in your winter garden. They bloom for a long period of time (through much of the winter in the West), and come in a range of colors, including both solid and bicolor. Choose a deep purple if you want to live your most wintry life.

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Carolina Jasmine- Yellow Flowers
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Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine Starter Plant, $14.95, amazon.com

The good news: This jasmine can bloom in the winter, and will stand out in a snow-covered backyard. But don't expect the signature Jasmine fragrance—these flowers are .

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Hellebore Plant, $32.99, amazon.com

There's a reason this flower is nicknamed the Christmas rose: It can bloom in the , when everything else is frozen, thanks to its deep growing root system—just make sure to protect it from harsh winter winds. Plant Hellebore in early winter in warmer climates, and in late winter in chillier locales.

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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Tree, $23.78, amazon.com

The on this tree sprout in winter and cluster together on branches. They're a colorful addition to your otherwise white (thanks, snow) and brown backyard.

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Holly Bushes

Holly Starter Plant, $20.79, amazon.com

You might recognize these red berries from your holiday decorations in large part because they can survive harsh winters. Another perk? This bush also produces little white flowers during the spring.

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Pieris Japonica

Pieris Japonica Plant, $54.99, amazon.com

The buds on these plants thrive in the cooler months in temperate climates. Blooms develop produced in late fall, but remain unopened until the very end of winter (February or early March). At this point, they produce of urn-shaped flowers.

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Honeywort Seeds, $4.88, amazon.com

These plants are native to the Mediterranean and are known as hardy annuals that grow in the winter of warmer climates. Even cooler? The as it gets colder outside.

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Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily Seeds, $2.44, amazon.com

The are most common in late winter and early spring and produce tall stalks lined with leaves and bright blooms, however, they don't bide well in frosty conditions so a temperate climate is ideal.

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Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum Seeds, $6.88, amazon.com

A light frost is no problem for these (that were once used to cure rabies). Since they're hardy, they're best suited for fall, winter, and early spring.

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Winter Honeysuckle

Winter Honeysuckle Seeds, $8.95, amazon.com

If you want one of winter's best scents, look no further: The creamy-white flowers on this plant develop in the winter and are . Depending on where you live you could see flowers bloom from November to April.

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Pink Camellia Flower
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Camellia Plant, $21.99, amazon.com

These beautiful flowers, which range in color from right to pink to a dark crimson, can bloom You'll find the best results in temperate climates where they can receive four to six hours of sunlight.

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Pink Phlox Flowers
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Phlox Seeds, $5.93, amazon.com

While some Phlox varieties are bright pink, others are white and crimson or a darker purple—and according to , they bloom all-season long and do well in winter sun.

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Algerian Iris Flower in Bloom in Winter
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Algerian Iris

Algerian Iris Seeds, $3.70, amazon.com

This stunning blue and purple flower is dormant all summer, according to , and usually starts blooming around Thanksgiving every year, requiring the winter sun to blossom.

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