24 Clever Kitchen Products on Amazon

We don't know how we survived without them until now.

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It's all the little things that happen while making dinner that add up and make this task time-consuming — like fishing lemon seeds out of your homemade vinaigrette or waiting until your meat has cooled to shred it apart. But don't worry: These Amazon gadgets will solve those pesky problems for you.

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Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper


Speed up prep time with this genius tool. All you have to do is place ingredients in the container, twist and lock the lid, and pull the cord to spin the chopping blades. Hello, instant guacamole or fruit salad.

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Banana Slicer


Parents will love this plastic, dishwasher-safe tool that is faster than a knife and makes snack time easier than ever.

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Veggie noodle fans, this is the ultimate tool for you. It allows you to turn all kinds of vegetables into four different noodle shapes, depending on the setting you choose.

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Clip-On Food Strainer


You can attach it to a pot or a pan. Pour out water from pasta or grease from ground beef during Taco Tuesdays. This clip-on food strainer is a game-changer

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OXO Good Grips
Vegetable Chopper


All it takes is one swift motion to chop your vegetables up into little pieces, and when it comes to onions, you can achieve this tear-free too.

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Magnetic Oven Mitts


Instead of going with traditional oven mitts that get shoved in your kitchen drawer, give these magnetic ones a try. Not only do they have non-slip silicone ribs, but they also have a magnet that can stick to your fridge so they are always at hand.

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Pineapple Corer


Not only does this tool prevent you from having to peel the pesky skin off pineapple, but the fruit comes out in perfectly round rings too.

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Seville Classics
Cutting Board Drawer


If you like to use different surfaces to chop vegetables verses meat, but don't have the space for multiple wood boards, listen up: This cutting board fits seven dishwasher safe chopping mats inside of it.

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Tipping Teacup


Tea bags are annoying. Just when you're ready to unwind and sip on your warm beverage, you have to get up to toss it in the trash. Well, this cup solves that problem. Tip it one way to steep your tea, then the other when you're done.

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Multi-Functional Fruit & Veggie Tool


Compact? Check. Everything you could possibly need? You bet. This vegetable-shaped tool includes a masher, lemon squeezer, avocado scoop, citrus cutter, apple cutter, grater and more all in one.

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Self-Leveling Measuring Cups


Instead of dirtying a knife to help you scrape off the extra ingredients and get an accurate measure while baking, buy cups that do it for you. All you have to do is squeeze the handles on these cups to get your accurate quantity.

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Simple polymer
Kiwi Peeler and Cutter


Half the battle of eating kiwis is getting the furry brown skin off without sabotaging all the fruit inside. But this tool, which halves, peels and cuts up kiwi, will change your fruit game for good.

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Bear Paw Products, Inc.
Pulled Pork Shredder


Nothing stings quite like trying to shred just-cooked pork with a fork and your fingers — ouch. That's why you need these claws, which work for chicken, turkey, and even tossing salads.

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Kale Stripper


If you find pulling leaves off of kale stems tedious, you need this tool ASAP. All you have to do is insert the stem and pull it though. This works for collards, chard, and herbs too.

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avocado tool
3-in-1 Avocado Slicer


Never dirty multiple utensils to prep an avocado again. This little green gadget has everything you need to split, pit and slice avocados.

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Brussels Sprout Prep Tool


If you make Brussels sprouts all the time, this tool will help you quickly remove the stem and dense core, which helps loosen the leaves before you roast them.

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Strawberry Huller


Extracting strawberry stems and cores is as easy as pressing the button and extending the claw on this fool-proof tool.

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watermelon slicer
Watermelon Slicer


This tool allows you to slice, dig and carve your melon out quickly (and mess-free!), meaning your fruit platter is going to be on point from now on.

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Instant Wine Chiller


If you've got a fresh bottle of wine that needs to be chilled ASAP but have guests already walking through door, no worries. This instant wine chiller gets stored in your freezer when you're not using it to make sure your favorite vino is perfect to sip at a moment's notice.

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Hygiene-Savvy Tongs


You don't need a spoon rest when you own these clever tongs. The stainless steel arms feature a bend that makes sure the grips on your utensil never touch your germ-covered counter.

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Joseph Joseph
Seed-Collecting Reamer


If you've ever had to fish a lemon seed out of your paella, you know it's an annoying chore that probably feels silly in hindsight. This reamer catches debris, while still featuring a drain so juice can fall through.

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New Metro Design
Citrus Zest Collector


How are you supposed to measure how much zest you've collected when it immediately falls into the bowl of ingredients you're mixing together? Well, this genius tool collects your zest without spilling and can hold up to 1/2 cup of peel.

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Pickle Fork


Pickle lovers know the frustration of sticking your fingers into the jar to get a quick snack, then having your hand smell for the rest of the day. But this tool attaches to the jar so you'll always have a fork on-hand for your favorite treat.

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Onion Peeler


Even if you don't start crying while chopping onions, your hands are bound to smell like them if you don't wear gloves or own a peeler, like this. It scores the skin, then lets you pull it off with the help of a hooked tip.

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