The Strange Thing About Shopping At Target That Makes You Buy More

There's a reason you're in there all day.

Target shopping carts
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Everyone knows the story.

You walk into to get one thing: in and out. You've got to stay focused, there are other things to do. But three hours later you've bought your entire family matching footy pajamas and every swimsuit in your size.

target shopping

However, while you were busy stuffing your shopping cart with things you didn't need, you probably didn't have time to realize that the store was completely silent. That's right, unlike many of its competitors, Target opts to keep its intercom music free.

But before you rush to the store to see if we're lying, now it looks like the company is reconsidering that position. reports that the retail store giant has been testing music in a few stores over the past couple of years.

Around 65 stores have music playing now, but the plan is to integrate music into at least 180 stores by the end of the year with a playlist that's "upbeat, positive and has a playful personality," according to a Target spokesperson.

This could be good news for our terrible shopping habits, because suggests that listening to music increases productivity. So maybe the silence is to blame for the day-long excursions? And even if the music doesn't affect productivity, have shown that it can improve mood – which can increase productivity.

Adding music is just another part of Target's ; including 85 remodeled stores, 30 brand new locations, updated commercials, and .

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