You Need to Visit This Massive Treehouse in Canada's "Enchanted Forest" ASAP

The treehouse is 50 feet tall!

If you've ever dreamed of a world that's basically a real-life FernGully, look no further than , located between Sicamous and Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada.

While this enchanted forest is not home to real fairies, it does boast British Columbia's tallest treehouse (it's 50 feet tall), a mile-long in an 800-year-old cedar grove, and a dreamy castle.

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Doris Needham, an artist who hand-molded fairytale figurines with cement in the 1950s, first dreamed up the idea for The Enchanted Forest. Doris and her husband, Ernest Needham, were searching for the perfect setting to display her masterpieces. After looking for two years, they finally found and over the next decade developed what would become .\"800\"">

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In 1960, the couple decided to officially open to the public, and by 1970 more than one million people had visited the magical grounds. What started as a retirement project had become a popular roadside attraction.

Today the Needhams no longer own the park, but you can still experience the unique fantasy that Doris first imagined among the trees.\"800\"">

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The park is open seven days a week from May to October. Admission is free for babies and toddlers, $9 for kids, $12 for adults and $11 for seniors. As you venture through the forest, you can spot 350 of Doris's magical, hand-crafted fairytale figurines.

The park is closed for the season right now, so — it's the perfect place to let the kids' imaginations run wild!

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