11 Essentials Professional Organizers Say Are Totally Worth It

They're useful and stylish.

amazon organizers

When a , they bring the tried-and-true products they know will get the job done right. If you're like us, you want those items in your home too. We tapped some of our go-to experts to find out which products they swear by.

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Utopia Home
Velvet Hangers

"Slimline flocked hangers are not only nicer to your clothes, but they truly do save space," says . "I held out for many years, but I don't consider a hanger upgrade frivolous anymore." They'll make picking out your outfit in the morning more fun too.

BUY NOW: $17 for a 50-pack,

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A Desktop Charging Station

"Cord clutter is a killer in just about every household," says DeMorrow. "That's why multi-device USB chargers are so sexy." Keep yours where you charge your gadgets most often, whether that's on the kitchen counter or on your office desk.

BUY NOW: $40,

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Cq acrylic
Acrylic Shelf Dividers

"Acrylic shelf dividers are lovely for new and existing solid shelf closets," says DeMorrow. That's because this transparent material won't add more eye clutter to already-cramped spaces.

BUY NOW: $19 for a 2-pack,

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label maker
A Label Maker

"This is a must, and , most durable label tape available," says DeMorrow. "It's pricey, but well worth it!" Her tip: that you'll be able to read from across the room.

BUY NOW: $34,

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Cube Storage Containers

"We find that a lot of our clients have cube shelving units, so we turn to Amazon for options that fit those dimensions," says Rachel Rosenthal at . This offers hidden storage for items you don't want guests to see.

BUY NOW: $13,

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Pehr Designs
Stylish Storage Bins

And for the rest of your house, look for baskets and bins you can stash in a corner without becoming an eyesore. "Storage bins are now available in every size, color and pattern, which is great because you can choose options that fit your home's aesthetic," says Rosenthal.

BUY NOW: $44,

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magazine organizer
Magazine Holders

"We've created a lot of homework and art stations over the years and we use magazine holders for activity books, library books and homework sorting," says Rosenthal. These white holders almost disappear when nestled into a white bookshelf.

BUY NOW: $5 for a 4-pack,

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under bed storage
Under-the-Bed Storage

says utilizing the space under your bed is critical. "It's out of sight, but can hold a lot of stuff," she says. "I like that this piece is plastic and has a sealed lid so it's protected from spills, critters and dust."

BUY NOW: $62,

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Vertical Shelving

"Any shelving that goes up is key, because you can save [floor] space, while also hiding a mess," Cohen says. Categorize your cubes so you always know where to look to find board games, books or toys.

BUY NOW: $145,

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EC Technology
Storage Ottomans

"Having lived in 90 square feet, there's nothing better than multi-use furniture or items," says Cohen. This ottoman and bench combo offers additional seating with storage for pillows, hats, scarves, you name it.

BUY NOW: $130,

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wire shelf
Wire Shelving System

"These come in several widths, heights and depths and can be adjusted to your specific items," Cohen says. She recommends using them in just about any room in your house, including your garage, kitchen or closet.

BUY NOW: $36,

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