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prince philip

Did Prince Philip Really Have an Affair?

His alleged infidelity is a major plot point in season two of The Crown.

A Timeline of Royal Engagements
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's love story is definitely one for th…
Queen Elizabeth's Anniversary Gift to Philip

The royal couple is celebrating 70 years of marriage!

Prince Philip, The Queen
The Queen and Prince Philip's Marriage Timeline

They definitely have had their fair share of ups and downs.

kennedys and queen elizabeth
The Day the Kennedys Met the Queen

Here's what happened when British royalty met American royalty.

What the Stars of "The Crown" Look Like in Real Life

The Queen Mother looks pretty different without her furs and jewels.

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Prince Philip
Prince Philip Carries Out His Final Official Engagement

It's his 22,219th solo public appearance.

The Sad Truth Behind Prince Philip's Tragic Childhood

When an interviewer asked what language he spoke at home, he answered: "What do you mean, 'at home'?"

The Queen, Prince Philip
Prince Philip Has Been Hospitalized

Buckingham Palace confirms that the Duke of Edinburgh was admitted last night.

12 Quotes That Prove Prince Philip Is the Funniest Royal

His sense of humor has carried him through 70 years of royal service.

What Prince Philip's Retirement Means for the Queen and Royal Family

The Duke of Edinburgh's decision to step down will have a "significant" impact.

Prince Charles Won't Step Aside for William to Be King
"Charles will be King and Camilla will be Queen," says Sally Bedell Smith, who has spent four years exhaustively researching the Prince…