Flavor Paper’s Scratch-and-Sniff Wallpaper Is Peak Funky Nostalgia

Choose from cherries, bananas, and citrus!

Flavor Paper Wallpaper Scratch-and-Sniff Cherries, Banana, Citrus

, as its unconventional name might suggest, is a wallpaper company unlike any other. Creative director purchased the company, which was founded in Oregon in 1970, in 2003 and moved it to Brooklyn, where he set about creating a company that veered from the old-school association of wallpaper. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the brand's scratch-and-sniff collection.

"When I started, all of the paper companies were very traditional, with uptight-sounding names," . "I didn't want to be anything like them." With his interior design background, he began carving a new path away from traditional wallpaper that, in Flavor Paper’s words, .


Flavor Paper has attracted the attention from interior designers to who love the original designs but also enjoy how easily customizable the wallpaper is. For many, it’s the that has them professing their admiration of Flavor Paper—instantly triggering nostalgic thoughts of childhood.

The scratch-and-sniff line came to be thanks to one of the company’s clients who took a trip down memory lane going through his high school notebooks full of scratch-and-sniff stickers. A bit of research revealed that replicating the experience on wallpaper was possible, and thus, three patterns were born for the permanent line.


Flavor Paper customers can choose from , , and that come in a variety of colors. But if this throwback doesn't fit with your decor, you can select from hundreds of prints that range from geometric to floral to surfaces. Now, you just need to pick a pattern and find a professional wallpaper installer.

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