martin homer bedroom


100 Bedroom Designs That Will Inspire You

These cozy escapes will make you want to bliss out on all the bedding.

10 Master Bedrooms You'll Wish Were Yours

If our bedrooms looked like these, we'd sleep so much sounder.

17 Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

They have so much more potential than you think.

ikea bed hack
15 Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

You'll rest easy in these clever creations.

Make a master bedroom your own or decorate kids rooms and guest rooms perfectly with help on everything from headboards to linens.

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black and white bedroom
15 Black and White Bedrooms That Are Anything But Stark

There's a reason it's a classic combination.

connie newberry red bedroom
10 Red Bedrooms for Better Feng Shui

Waking up just got a whole lot easier.

12-foot bed
This Massive 12-Foot Wide Bed Is Here to Save Your Marriage

It's almost twice as big as a king-size mattress.

Decorating Tips for Better Sleep
How to Decorate Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep

Steal these ideas to create a calming space that will ensure the sweetest dreams.

This One Interior Design Flaw Could Ruin Your Sleep, Claims Expert

We're pretty sure almost everyone is guilty of this.

blackout city curtains
These Have Got to Be the Most Stylish Blackout Shades Ever

Imagine waking up to this beautiful scenery?

This Tiny Nursery Has Its Own Picture-Perfect Patio

We can't seem to stop ourselves from cooing.

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self making bed
Hate Making Your Bed? Let This App Do It for You

The Smartduvet is every lazy person's dream come true.

7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Happiest Place in Your Home

Wake up with a smile on your face instead of a scowl.

6 of the Sweetest Baby Nurseries You Can Imagine

These newborns have it made — thanks to the latest One Room Challenge.

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9 Kids' Rooms They'll Never Want to Grow Out Of

These makeovers are the perfect mix of playful and polish.

These Convertible Kids' Rooms Are Just Genius

Designer Miles Redd knows how to create spaces with staying power.

Bedding accessories
8 Changes Your Bedroom Needs So You Can Sleep Better

These decorating tweaks are proven (by science!) to help you drift off more easily and wake up more rested. 

How the Color of Your Bedroom Affects Your Life

Change your decor and you could get more sleep (and sex).

10 Décor Tricks from the Most Romantic Bedrooms

Because your bedroom could use a cozy refresh right about now.

Here's What Happens When You "Kondo" a Kid's Room

One mother is starting her kid on a clutter-free path to growing up.

A Blinding Blue Office Becomes a Sweet Little Girl Getaway

It's hard to believe that the headache-inducing "before" could end up so serene.

12 DIY Canopy Beds That Will Turn Your Bedroom Into a Dreamy Wonderland

A few yards of gauzy fabric (or even a tablecloth!) can go a long way. 

15 Dreamy Things You Didn't Realize Your Bedroom Needed

These clever items will make your space more tranquil and relaxing.

Sleep Number's New Mattress Will Know So Much About You

Like, it might even suggest you change your dinner plans.

8 Clever (and Cozy!) Fixes for Every Major Bedroom Complaint

Warning: You may never leave your bedroom again.

Kate Spade bedroom
This Pre-Teen Bedroom (and Bath!) Would Make Kate Spade Proud

A preppy color palette + a truly epic loft bed = our inner teen's dream room.

This Huge IKEA-Hacked Bed Lets a Family of 7 All Sleep Together

And it's sparked quite a debate online.

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