15 Paint Colors That'll Make Your Small Space Feel Massive

Fake it 'til you make it.

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If you're lacking on space, you need to pull out every trick in the book to make your room appear larger. The best way to start is with your wall color, and while white is the obvious choice, it isn't the only option. From bold and dark to light and bright, these are the best colors for a small space.

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yellow kids chair
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Wild, loud colors, like purple, might actually be better in small spaces (could you imagine how in-your-face this shade would be all over a giant living room?!). By limiting it to an entryway, you still get a pop of color, without overwhelming your house.

Glidden Essentials Confetti Purple Eggshell, $16, homedepot.com

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Courtesy of Old Brand New
Navy Blue

Shadow can be your friend, especially in a small space. Painting a room a dark color camouflages the fact that it's small. A deep blue like this creates the perception of depth.

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Behr Navy Blue, $34, homedepot.com

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Courtesy of Erin Gates Design

The smaller the space, the darker you can go. This gray is modern and sophisticated, yet still cozy and chic.

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Behr Platinum Gray, $4, homedepot.com

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Courtesy of Sugar and Charm

Neutral literally never goes out of style. This is for everyone who can't with basic white, but isn't ready to incorporate bold color into their space.

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Behr Coastal Beige, $30, homedepot.com

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sherwin-williams hazel
Karyn Millet

This blue-green feels beachy, but it’s also classic. Stark white decor, like this mirror, pops against it, and that contrast is the key to making a tiny space feel dynamic.

Behr Sky Light Blue, $44, homedepot.com

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kristin kong brown living room
Julien Capmeil

Play up the cozy factor of a tiny room with a rich, deep brown. This shade, with a hint of gray, creates intimacy in the small sitting space.

Behr Havana Coffee, $31, homedepot.com

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jill sharp weeks dressing table
Björn Wallander
Pearl Gray

Gray can be dull, so choose one that has some luminosity to it. The color fluctuates with the shadows and times of day, so it's always intriguing.

PPG Diamond Silver Blue Pearl, $105, homedepot.com

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson Designs
Super White

White reflects the light and makes the walls go away, so a small space seems larger. While whites can have undertones of blue, pink, or even green, this is just white in its purest form, without any color. It's not stark or cold, just light and airy.

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Beyond Paint Bright White, $114, homedepot.com

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teal bedroom walls
Reed Davis

Just because your room is small, doesn't mean your palette should be limited. Bold is totally cool, just choose a shade that's simultaneously vibrant and relaxing, like this teal.

Glidden Essentials Dark Teal Satin, $22, homedepot.com

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suzanne kasler yellow office
Simon Upton/The Interior Archive

This shade of yellow is perfect for your kiddos because it's colorful and fun, but doesn't look too juvenile. Read: You won't need to close off their space from the rest of your house.

Glidden Essentials Natural Straw, $63, homedepot.com

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Courtesy of Erin Gates Design

A super soft shade of pink adds warmth to a small room without overpowering it. Pair it with grays and blacks to make sure it doesn't feel too frilly.

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Behr Angel Blush, $32, homedepot.com

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sparkling sage
John Gruen

Choose a light mossy green with a hint of gray in it for a space by a window. In the summer, it'll blend with the foliage, and when it's too cold to deal in the winter, it'll remind you that spring is on the way.

Glidden Essentials Soft Flat Sage, $15, homedepot.com

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Courtesy of Sugar and Charm

You want to maximize the light in your small living room —especially if you've got lots of windows — so opt for an off-white wall color. It'll add a hint of warmth, but still keep things feeling airy.

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Behr Off White, $26, homedepot.com

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blue bedroom sherwin-williams lullaby
Karyn Millet
Sky Blue

You want your bedroom to feel light, airy, and calming — especially if it's on the smaller side. This soft shade of blue helps your space feel a bit more expansive.

Behr Ethereal Mood, $44, homedepot.com

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small white living room sherwin-williams alabaster
George Ross Photographs

White is a small space go-to, since it opens everything up and keeps it feeling bright, but pure white can often be too stark. Stick with a warmer shade to help your room feel more inviting.

Glidden Essentials Antique White Eggshell, $69, homedepot.com

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