Our Favorite Shades in Every Color

Hundreds of colors chosen by top designers.

blue paint swatch
Top designers share their favorite colors in every shade. Which will be your favorite?
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blue paint swatch
The Best Blues
Looking for the right blue for your home? We have 12 blues recommended by top designers.
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Earthy, Sensuous Browns
Melted chocolate or moody mink? Take a look at 13 of the best browns and choose your favorite.
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Great Greens
The right green can calm, energize, or infuse a room with happiness. Check out these 13 designer-approved shades.
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Shades of Gray
Who knew there were so many shades of gray? But there are! Top designers choose 26 of their favorite shades.
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The Color Purple
You probably either love or hate the color purple. But these 12 designers have at least one shade they love.
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yellow paint swatch
The Best Yellows
Yellow can be a hard color to get right. Sometimes it's too green, and other times it's too bright. To make choosing the perfect yellow easier, we asked 10 top designers for their favorite yellows.
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red paint swatch
Rich Reds
Red is a bold and daring color, but you can inject a little at a time and still make an impact. Here, 19 top designers share their favorite shades of red.
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