This Brilliant Wooden Table Expands With Just a Twist

Never go searching for that extra leaf again.


Few things are annoying in quite the same way as having company over and then rooting around for the extra table leaf so nobody has to be exiled to the kitchen island. But you'd never have to worry about it again if you had this brilliant and mesmerizing table that simply expands when you twist it. 

Designed by  — who also built what is  — this table is just a prototype, but an impressive one at that. Basically, it works by having all of its component parts sit on a corkscrew of a base, so that when you twist the table in the right direction, it's top parts go out and the bottom parts come up. 

Practically, it's a lot more complicated than that, and I don't even have half a prayer of explaining it as well as Rumschlag can:

Since it's just an early build the aesthetics are a little lacking, but even in its austere form it's an impressive piece of furniture. That transformation is one heck of a party trick. 

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