20+ Ways To Totally Transform Your Home Bar

It's time to graduate from an alcohol cabinet.

Courtesy of Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson Designs

Going out to the bar was fun once upon a time, but then you grew up and preferred drinking at home in your pajamas, and honestly, nothing could be more perfect. But you're going to need a killer set-up, and a cabinet full of booze just isn't going to cut it. Whether you have an actual designated home bar, or just want to turn part of your kitchen counter into one, we've got ideas for how to make it total goals.

Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth
Sleek & Sexy

A sleek wood bar gets us every time. Accent it with brass and we're totally swooning.

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Victoria Pearson
Go Gold Or Go Home

This seriously sexy bar goes all out with gold accents and we are HERE for it.

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Courtesy of Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson Designs
Tropic Thunder

Want the most 'grammable bar set up ever? You need blue palm print wallpaper.

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Courtesy of Lark & Linen
Counter Productive

Use a section of your kitchen counter as a bar. For extra space, add shelves on the wall — they can hold glassware, or decor items.

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Courtesy of Old Brand New
Dark & Stormy

Dark blue paint and a brown wood/rattan console create the moody bar of our dreams. Also, we are so here for the pineapple decanter.

See more at Old Brand New.

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jonathan adler sunroom
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Straight Out Of Mad Men

Your living room, or Don Drapers office? A black-and-white patterned room divider ups the mid-century modern vibes.

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moroccan bar
James Merrell
Gimme Gimme Moor

These Moroccan tiles give an exotic feel to this home bar. You could play around with color, but blue is classic, sleek, and sexy.

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Trevor Tondro
Get Lit

Illumination from the floor and behind wood shelves brings out the varied textures of the terra-cotta walls and vaulted ceiling in this killer wine cellar.

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art deco style home bar
Jonny Valiant
Mojitos On Repeat

Match your home bar to your favorite drink — a minty mojito. Accent with white and fresh greenery.

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wooden barmoire
Melanie Acevedo

No bar? No problem. Serve your drinks out of a converted armoire.

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Johnny Valiant
Panic At The Disco

This bamboo bar has a mirrored tile backsplash, which helps maximize light. And turns the space into an instant party.

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Annie Schlechter
Gilded Goals

A vintage bar cart looks even more glam thanks to gilded edges. Top it with modern decanters so it doesn't feel too dated.

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Stark's China Lack wallpaper adds a chic note to a built-in bar unit, painted in Farrow & Ball's All White and Benjamin Moore's Blue Lagoon.
Eric Piasecki
Wallpaper It Up

If you've got a generic built-in bar unit, you can play around with wallpapering the back. It'll help add some character .

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Ngoc Minh Ngo
Mirror, Mirror

Easiest decor hack ever — just hang a mirror above your bar set-up. It'll feel more polished and put together, without having to put a lot of effort into it.

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living room bar
Francesco Lagnese
Double Duty

No worries if you don't actually have a space for a home bar. Let your kitchen island double as one.

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"Show, don't tell, what you're serving with a well-appointed bar. Guests feel more at home when they can help themselves." —Bunny Williams
Melanie Acevedo
Faun-ing Over Flora

Bring the outdoors in and fill your bar area with potted plants, fresh flowers, even mini trees. If you drink enough, you might feel like you're actually in nature.

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faux bois art bar
Alec Hemer
Stripes on Stripes

Even the tiniest bar can become seriously statement-making with bold color and pattern. These blue and green stripes are unexpected and insanely fun.

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windowsill bar
Frédéric LaGrange
So Fresh, So Clean

If your home has super thick windowsills, use one to act as a bar during parties. Fresh air + flowing drinks = peak summer.

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tiny hallway bar
Tara Donne
Into The Gloss

A bar set-up looks majorly gorg thanks to glossy lacquer. Choose a bold, jewel tone, like navy, for extra drama.

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bookcase bar
Francesco Lagnese

Because we know you're using your booze way more than your books. An antique bookcase doubles as a bar in this Manhattan apartment.

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1960s danish credenza
Amy Neunsinger
Vintage Vibes

Use a vintage credenza as a bar. It'll add retro charm to your home, and work as a media stand if you need it in the future.

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rope bar cart
Annie Schlechter
Roped In

A roped bar cart adds nautical vibes to a room. But don't worry if coastal isn't your thing — it can also just add some cool texture.

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vintage bar
Ditte Isager
Flower Power

If you want a bar without spending any money, check out this hack. This bar set-up is actually an old desk placed against a wallpaper backdrop.

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basket bar
Reed Davis
Basket Case

Use your console table as a bar by filling a wicker basket with your alcohol and glassware. Place it on top for easy serving, or move it to wherever the party is.

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sunroom bar
James Merrell
Island Time

This island-inspired bar is the party — but it's actually just a simple console table. Poufs, themed decor, and alcohol for days makes it far less simple than it actually is.

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gold etagere bar
Bjorn Wallander
Stack It Up

An étagère is classic but still modern, and can easily be turned into a bar. Add lacquer trays so it feels even more fresh.

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dutch door bar
Francesco Lagnese
Hidden Speakeasy

A Dutch door off this living room opens to a closet-size serving bar. This way, you can keep it closed up and save space when you're not entertaining.

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