10 Clever Ways to Make Your Hallway Work Harder

Don't think of it as just a pass-through — it can act as an entire extra room.


Don't think of it as just a pass-through — it can act as an entire extra room.

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Courtesy of Whitten Architects
Turn It Into a Library

A long narrow hallway is a dreamy place to organize your entire book collection. Plus, it gives the oft-wasted area a real purpose and creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

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Courtesy of Rooms for Rent
Showcase Pretty Platters

Here, plate racks line the walkway between a kitchen and bathroom and offer storage that's also stylish. Dishes with unique details (like crimped edges or texture) are cute and stay out of the way.

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Courtesy of Design Sponge
Show Off Your Green Thumb

A mini garden in a hallway near a window is the perfect place to gather your indoor plants (both big and small) into one gorgeous display. Don't have a sunlit hallway? Try these low-light varieties instead.

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Courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Organize Your Shoes

IKEA's wall-mounted are narrow containers designed to hold shoes in your mudroom, bedroom, or closet — but we think the hallway is an even smarter spot to hang them.

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Make a Cozy Sitting Area

Before adding a built-in bench with a cushion and pillows, this nook was a wasted walking space to a bathroom. Now? It's cozy, cute, and (most importantly) useful.

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Create a Makeshift Mudroom

If your home doesn't have a designated room for storing shoes, coats, backpacks, and the sort, built-in storage in your entryway will do just fine and make better use of the space.

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Courtesy of EmersonMade
Store Pantry Items

Clear jars turn spices and snacks into colorful decor that kind of reminds us of a scientist's labratory (in a good way).

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Keep Bikes Out of the Way

Those big, clunky things might be necessary for your morning commute or exercise routine, but storage is an issue if you don't have a garage — until you install vertical hangers so you can arrange them on an unused hallway wall.

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Courtesy of Home Heart Harmony
Squeeze In an Office

Tuck a narrow desk, mini stool, and hanging storage into a wide hallway to create a designated spot for paying bills and balancing your budget. That might not sound fun, but a pretty desk and an organized memo board can actually adds style to a bare spot.

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Courtesy of Pottery Barn
Hang Your Cutest Clothes

Floral dresses and tunics are too beautiful to be tucked away in a closet. Show 'em off instead by hanging them in the hallway outside of your bedroom — they're still easy to grab, but double as decor.

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