14 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

We refuse to cook indoors from now on.

blue outdoor kitchen
Francesco Lagnese

Dining al fresco is only half the fun. Whether you're designing your own outdoor kitchen, or just want to get inspired for the future, we've got ideas to suit any decor style. Now add them to your dream house board.

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Courtesy of Lark & Linen

Shiplap adds a coastal feel to this beach house kitchen. A hanging straw lantern boosts the vibe even more.

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Lace Solar Lantern, $30, anthropologie.com

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Courtesy of The Atlantic
Black Outdoor Kitchen

A black outdoor kitchen feels sleek, sexy, and modern. To keep it from looking too formal, give it a thatched roof.

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Vintage Hanging Lantern, $113, target.com

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David Tsay
Metallic Countertops

If you've avoided copper for fear it'll turn green, we hear you, but there's a solution. Treat it with lacquer first and you'll stave off weathering.

Indoor/Outdoor Rug, $319, anthropologie.com

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Pernille Loof
Rooftop Grilling

Think beyond (or above) the backyard and turn your rooftop into a scenic cooking spot. You won't mind working over a hot grill when you've got a view like this.

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David Tsay
Flower Sink

This outdoor sink features an inset container for blooms. And when you're throwing a party, it doubles as an ice bucket for wine.

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stainless steel cabinets
Francesco Lagnese
Stained Oak

A stained oak ceiling warms up stainless-steel cabinets. The best part? A drop-down metal gate protects appliances from rain.

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natural outdoor kitchen
David Duncan Livingston
Terracotta Hues

Our future dream house will absolutely have a built-in pizza oven. Pies on repeat.

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cypress outdoor kitchen
Christopher Baker
Repurposed Shutters

These outdoor kitchen cabinets are made from old cypress shutters. It's a look that works well for coastal or farmhouse-style spaces.

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blue outdoor kitchen
Francesco Lagnese
Blue Cabinets

If you live outdoors during the summer, you want your space to be as inviting as possible. Channel the ocean — or the sky — with blue cabinetry.

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nantucket outdoor kitchen
Trevor Tondro
Strategic Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Instead of viewing an outdoor kitchen as adjunct, make it complete with a grill, fridge, sink, and pizza oven. A U-shaped layout helps you move from hot to cold, with the grill on the left to two refrigerator drawers and an ice maker on the right.

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a beverage cooler built into a counter top with a wooden cover
Trevor Tondro
Built-In Cooler

Turn a sink into a beverage cooler with a teak top. Now imagine the party potential.

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beverage fridge modified to store wine
Reed Davis
Wine Racks

During rosé season, make sure the wine is ready to go as soon as guests arrive. A wine fridge is a worthwhile splurge in any outdoor kitchen.

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outdoor kitchen lamp made from barn vent
David Duncan Livingston
Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Accents

You've heard the Captain Planet schpiel about the importance of upcycling, but this photo may convince you to genuinely give it a shot. In this kitchen, a lamp is made from a barn vent and the cabinets have rope handles.

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Alec Hemer
Creative Outdoor Kitchen Counters

If you can't splurge on a second kitchen, an extra-wide window might do the trick. Extend the counter from your indoor kitchen outside to make passing food easier. And make your house seem airier. Ahhh, that's better.

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