Pajama Lounges Are Taking Over Houses Everywhere and We Love It

Move your living room upstairs and let the fun begin.

Pajama lounges are having a serious moment and they're the dreamiest home trend of all time — there, we said it. If you haven't heard of a space like this before, it's essentially an upstairs living room that's very private and the perfect place to gather as a family after rolling out of bed in your (you guessed it) pajamas.

This concept is part of a growing trend of , where it's more secluded. "They're designed to be a place where the family can gather and hang out away from the high-traffic areas of the home," Paul Fischman, principal designer at Choeff Levy Fischman in Miami, told . Still can't picture what we're talking about? This Massachusetts room, designed by Frank Roop, is one strikingly gorgeous example of a pajama lounge.

pajama lounge
James Merrell

But this space, which is also known as a "feasting room," has more perks than just having a close couch to collapse on come Saturday morning. If you're hosting a few friends or your monthly book club, your children or spouse can hang out in the pajama lounge without having to miss out on their fun.

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When it comes to designing this space, since it's not a place guests frequently visit, you can get creative and experiment. But we'll say right now that a good soft and cozy accessories are a must. "Having a variety of comfortable, low seating would be best," Lisa McDennon, interior designer and founder of Lisa McDennon Design in Laguna Beach, California told . "Think pillows, poufs, and lots of cozy throws to bundle up in on cold days."

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From there, it's important to make sure the space can serve multiple uses for your family. Include a couple desks if you want your children to do their homework in this room or a bookshelf full of games if you want to use it to host game nights. You'll use this multi-purpose space more if if checks multiple boxes for your loved ones — and they'll thank you for it later.

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