This $13 Amazon Pan Is Here to Make Cookies and Milk Even Better

As if that were even possible!


If you're a self-described dessert junkie, we have some seriously sweet news for you.

You dishware is now good enough to eat, thanks to this clever from Chicago Metallic that transforms the dough of your choice into an edible spoon. Even better, and just in time for the holidays, it's currently on sale for $13.

Cookie Dunker Pan
Chicago Metallic

The baking sheet, which is designed to be non-stick, makes it super easy to create spoons and stirrers with the homemade or store-bought base of your choice. Whip up a big batch of chocolate chip, sugar, gingerbread, or whatever kind of cookie dunkers you're craving and use 'em to stir up your hot chocolate, eggnog, coffee, or tea. Even better, put them to work spooning up mouthfuls of your favorite ice cream.

What's more, you can use the pan to shape edible utensils from almost anything—including brownies, cake batter, or . And you can make yours even tastier by dipping them in , , or other sweet add-ons, which you can swirl in your hot drinks for added flavor.


The kitschy kitchen essential has already received tons of positive reviews online, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

"I own multiple Chicago Metalic pans of different shapes and they are long lasting and high end," . Another chimed in, "It's a nice cookie mold for adults enjoying a coffee and a small snack, but cookie spoons for my kids? Amazing."

Just a word of warning—be sure to keep an eye on your creations while they're in the oven. The pan's shallow design means your go-to recipes will probably bake faster than usual.

Now all you need to do is think up your dream cookie and drink combo, and get to baking!

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