This Retro IKEA Table Could Be Worth A Fortune In Years To Come

You can buy the '50s-style design for under $60.

Ikea table

To celebrate its 75th birthday, has re-released a handful of its most iconic products which have stood the test of time in terms of quality and design. And these limited edition pieces could be worth holding on to.

The (previously LÖVET) side table is one of the items that has returned as part of the 'Re-imagined Classics' collection. The statement design with only three legs was IKEA's first flat-packed product when it launched in 1956, but has been re-released this month alongside four other pieces. According to some experts, the $59.99 table could be worth thousands in decades to come.

Ikea table

Barnebys, a Swedish-based auction listing website, has predicted that the unique style could be worth between £1,000 - £1,800 (approx. $1,281.70 - $2,307.06) by 2030, with the estimated value rising to between £3,000 - £5,000 (approx. $3,845.09 - $6,408.49) in 2040. Although it's a bit of a waiting game, IKEA's original designs from the 50s and 60s have a good track record when it comes to an increase in value.

'Selling for thousands at some of Sweden's leading auction houses, the has become a collectible for the most discerning of furniture experts,' Barnebys co-founder Pontus Silfverstolpe wrote in a on the brand's website. 'I wouldn't be surprised if the development in its value continues in the future.'

IKEA's RÅANE armchair (previously JÄRPEN) is also being re-released in stores this autumn after the retailer noticed a 'huge demand' for the mesh design on the second-hand market.

The RÅANE armchair
The RÅANE armchair

'In recent times, we’ve seen a selection of IKEA's most iconic designs become sought-after collectibles in auction houses across the world, commanding prices up to ten times higher than their launch price,' Jared Sager, head of collections at IKEA commented.

It's worth noting that this high demand for collectable items doesn't apply to everything IKEA has made. And if you do get hold of a classic, looking after it is key.

'Preserving the quality is important, and that will depend on the material or design,' Silfverstolpe told CQ. 'But we can expect prices to quickly if the furniture is limited edition or no longer manufactured.'

Among the other 20th century furniture designs highlighted by Silfverstolpe are , which sells for around £3,000 (approx. $3,845.09) today but is expected to double in value over the next 20 years. The from American interiors company Bernhardt has also been described as a 'future classic'. More proof that even if you prefer contemporary styles, they still have great staying power.

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