15 Gifts That Would Be Perfect to Give on St. Patrick's Day

These beautiful mementos come from all corners of the Emerald Isle.


These unique gifts are a special way to celebrate Irish heritage this St. Patrick's Day. We promise, there's a gorgeous handcrafted present for anyone who holds Ireland near and dear to their heart.

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Courtesy of The Irish Store
Connemara Marble Coasters


These gorgeous marbled green coasters are made with Ireland's signature gemstone, mined from a quarry in one of the most scenic regions of the country.

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Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond
Good Luck Horseshoe


We love the hand-painted shamrocks and gold lettering on this delicate decoration, which was crafted in Ireland.

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Grasslands Road
Irish Soda Bread Serving Dish


Your friend who loves to bake will adore this beautiful serving dish, which also comes with the recipe for a traditional Irish soda bread.

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Make-Up Bell


There's an old Irish tradition that when a couple has a disagreement, one spouse can ring the bell to end the argument. This could be a fun (and slightly cheeky) gift for your friends who just got married.

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Courtesy of The Irish Store
Honeycomb Irish Aran Throw


This amazingly cozy throw blanket features the traditional Irish aran honeycomb pattern. We'd be hard-pressed to think of a person who wouldn't love this gift!

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Courtesy of The Irish Store
Céad Míle Fáilte Bronze Wall Plaque


This gorgeous plaque offers up an iconic Irish phrase, "Céad Míle Fáilte," which translates to "A hundred thousand welcomes." It was carved by Irish artist Tom Little, who hails from a long line of stonemasons.

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Belleek Classic Shamrock Canister


This jar features a traditional Irish design dating back to 1937, with hand-painted shamrocks and a simple basketweave pattern.

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Courtesy of Etsy/Printable Love Story
Irish Blessing Print


This print featuring a traditional Irish blessing is a sweet way to let friends and family know you're thinking of them on St. Patrick's Day.

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Courtesy of Claddagh Crafts/Etsy
Silver Claddagh Celtic Frame


This year's St. Patrick's Day celebration will surely be one to remember. Give them a nice frame to showcase a special memory of the day.

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Clover Necklace


This 14kt gold necklace with mother-of-pearl inlay makes a gorgeous gift for any woman in your life. Although it's charmingly shaped like a clover, it can still be styled year-round.

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Courtesy of The Irish Store
Ogham Irish Writing "Anam Cara"


Ogham writing has a long history as the alphabet for the early Irish language, dating back to the 4th century. This beautiful piece of artwork features the Irish term for soulmate —"anam cara"— written in Ogham.

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Courtesy of Amazon
Handmade Culchie Mug


These one-of-a-kind handcrafted mugs are made on a traditional potter's wheel using blended native Irish clays from a 30-year-old proprietary recipe, making them a truly unique gift.

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Courtesy of Amazon
Celtic Spiral Tea Towels


There's no better way to serve Irish tea than with these simple tea towels, which are emblazoned with a triple spiral design that signifies growth.

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Etsy/Piece of Shards
Celtic Pen Set


These handcrafted pens are each uniquely made, with celtic knot detailing and a emerald-colored cabochon on the end.

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Map of Ireland


If you know someone who has Ireland near and dear to their heart, then this handmade, vintage-looking map is perfect. It showcases 32 Irish counties and has an "old Irish stamp" in the corner, making it truly unique.

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