15 Gifts Under $50 That Look Way More Expensive

...but that's our little secret.

Crate & Barrel + West Elm

If you're stumped on what to get family and friends for your next gift exchange, look no further than this list of affordable ideas. We've got something for everyone, including foodies, gardeners, and more.

cheese tray
Fishs Eddy
Fishs Eddy Cheese Tray


Your art-loving friend will go nuts over this paint palette-inspired serving tray.

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wine opener
Crate & Barrel
Rabbit Wine Opener 3-Piece Set

$45 per set

If there's anything this gift will prove it's that drinking wine is even better when you don't have to struggle with the cork beforehand.

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Target Solid Throw Blanket with Tassels


This gemstone hued throw with woven tassels on the end is stylish and cozy.

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tablet case
POPEQ on Etsy
Felt iPad Pro Case


Help keep his prized possession from getting scratched on the screen with this sleek case.

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lilpengeeGems on Etsy
Teal Agate Coasters

$30 for 2

Since these coasters are made from real Brazilian Agate, each one is different and unique in their own way.

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Anthropologie Moonphase Indoor/Outdoor Pillow


Not only is this fabric inspired by the moon, but it's also made out of a weather-resistant material so it can be used inside or out.

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flower pot
West Elm
West Elm Art In The Forest Cachepots

$14 and up

The pattern on these pots were inspired by traditional South African designs and will add texture and interest to your friend's home.

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fruit bowl
Anthropologie Sunstruck Serving Bowl


Since fruit bowls sit out on the counter at all times, make sure your friend has a stylish accessory she's proud to show off.

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coffee cup
CaractacusPots on Etsy
Pour Over Hand Thrown Stoneware


After receiving this gift, a cone filter and some beans are all that stands between your loved one and a satisfying cup of coffee.

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Anthropologie Oleta Napkin

$10 for 1

Cheerful napkins are the kind of gift your friend wouldn't buy for herself, which is just another reason why she'll love them.

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salt and pepper grinder
Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel Copper Salt and Pepper Mills

$30 per grinder

Sure, salt and pepper are the most basic spices in the kitchen, but they're also the most important. Help them stand out in a stylish mill.

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Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrell Zinnia Blooms Flowered Plates

$20 for 4

Artist Kelly Ventura painted these colorful flowers on clean white plates. The results? A set that will brighten up a tablescape in seconds.

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Anthropologie Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle


Sometimes it's the simple gifts that are most appreciated, like a tropical candle that will burn for up to 85 hours.

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cutting board
CircleCityDesignCo on Etsy
Custom Cutting Board


Chopping and prepping for dinner is way more enjoyable when your name is engraved on your cutting board.

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May 28th
May 28th Custom Watch


Your loved one will be reminded of your thoughtful, customized gift every time they look for the time.

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