The One Accessory You Need To Stay Cool This Summer

Even if you have central A/C.


One easy way to beat the heat on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer? Keep a portable fan by your side. They're inexpensive, they're small, and easy to just throw in your beach bag, and most importantly, they give you the gift of a nice little reprieve from all that hot, humid weather. But what if you want your handheld fan to look as cool as it keeps you?

Ice Cream Cone Fan, Amazon, $19

Thanks to the Australian-originated brand , your standard portable fan has gotten a major upgrade into something a little more Instagrammable. Leaning fully into the kitschy-cute aesthetic, you can now find handheld fans in the shape of ice cream cones, flamingos, and some truly stylish pineapples. Adorable, right? Not to mention, they'll coordinate just perfectly — or should I say swimmingly? — with just about any fun pool float you use this summer.

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1 Flamingo Fan
$11.99 (33% off)

Don't let the heat ruffle your feathers.

2 Pineapple Fan

For best results, pair with a piña colada.

3 Ice Cream Fan

No more melting in the sun, just sweet relaxation.

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