The Best Small, Stylish Rugs

Designs that wow in leopard, geometric, and antique styles.

yellow rug with silver lining
These three-by-five-feet area rugs — sure to wow in leopard, geometric, and antique patterns — wake up any small space.
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yellow rug with silver lining
Newport Beach
A 1960s garden screen, reimagined. Hand-knotted wool and silk, shown in Sunburst Yellow/White, $1,125. .
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leopard print rug
Majestic Leopard
It's the oldest decorating rule in the book: Every room should show a little skin. Tufted nylon, $149. .
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floral print rug
Is there anything more cheerful than a garden in full bloom? Hooked wool, shown in Multi, $210. .
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an oriental rug
This rug may be new, but its inspiration is an antique passed down through generations. Hand-knotted wool, shown in Pattern 2, $129. .
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green rug
For lovers of "More is more." 100 percent silk and totally chic. Hand-knotted, -sculpted, and -carved silk, to the trade. .
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