11 Special Editions From Le Creuset That Define Kitchen Goals


10. The Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection

In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Le Creuset released a special edition collection that pays homage to the iconic character’s timeless charm. This range includes Dutch ovens and ramekins adorned with Mickey’s silhouette and a commemorative 90th-anniversary medallion. With its classic design and exceptional performance, the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection is a true collector’s item for Disney and Le Creuset enthusiasts alike.

11. The Coastal Blue Collection

Escape to the tranquil shores with Le Creuset’s Coastal Blue Collection. Inspired by the soothing colors of the ocean, this limited-edition range features a variety of cookware in shades of blue and green. Whether you’re searing a succulent steak or simmering a flavorful curry, the Coastal Blue Collection adds a touch of seaside serenity to your culinary endeavors.

Le Creuset’s special edition collections offer more than just exceptional cookware; they provide a glimpse into the world of culinary artistry and inspire us to create extraordinary meals. From collaborations with Disney to collections that pay homage to their rich heritage and the beauty of nature, Le Creuset continues to redefine kitchen goals with their innovative designs and unwavering commitment to quality.



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