20 Mother’s Day Quotes That Will Make You Want To Give Mom A Hug


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13. “A mother’s love is the greatest teacher, teaching us to love unconditionally and without hesitation.” – Unknown

This quote highlights the invaluable life lessons a mother imparts through her love. A mother’s love teaches us the importance of unconditional love, empathy, and compassion towards others.

14. “A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place.” – Amy Tan

Amy Tan’s quote beautifully expresses the role of a mother in shaping our emotional well-being. A mother’s love is the foundation of our capacity to love, and her presence fills our hearts with warmth and joy.

15. “A mother’s love is like no other, pure and unconditional.” – Unknown

This quote encapsulates the extraordinary nature of a mother’s love. It is a love that knows no boundaries, conditions, or expectations, remaining pure and unwavering throughout a lifetime.



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