40 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50


31. Handmade Jewelry Dish

A handmade jewelry dish is a beautiful and practical gift that your mom can use to store her favorite jewelry pieces. Look for dishes made from ceramic or porcelain, with intricate designs or heartfelt messages.

32. Customized Recipe Cards

If your mom loves to collect recipes, consider creating customized recipe cards for her. Include her favorite recipes and have them printed on high-quality cards. It’s a giftthat will help her organize her recipes and make cooking even more enjoyable.

33. Personalized Photo Canvas

A personalized photo canvas is a stunning and sentimental gift that your mom can hang on her wall. Choose a favorite family photo or a beautiful landscape and have it printed on a high-quality canvas. It’s a gift that will add a personal touch to her home decor.

34. Handwritten Bracelet

Turn your mom’s handwritten message or signature into a beautiful bracelet. There are online services that can engrave your mom’s handwriting onto a bracelet, creating a unique and sentimental piece of jewelry.



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