In This Philadelphia Home, Family Heirlooms Mix With Maximalist Florals


5. Can I incorporate maximalist florals in a rental home?

Absolutely! Many rental homes have restrictions on permanent changes, but you can still infuse maximalist florals through temporary solutions. Use removable wallpaper, floral rugs, and accessories to transform your rental space without leaving a lasting impact.


The Philadelphia home of Mr. and Mrs. Smith showcases the stunning combination of family heirlooms and maximalist florals. By incorporating vintage pieces with bold floral prints, they have created a unique and inspiring space that reflects their personal style and love for tradition. The design tips and case study provided in this article serve as valuable insights for anyone looking to incorporate maximalist florals into their own home. Remember, balance and thoughtful curation are key to achieving a successful maximalist floral design. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and create a floral haven that brings joy and energy into your space!



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