25 Easter Basket Ideas Kids (And Grown-Ups!) Will Adore



Easter is a time for celebration and joy, and one of the most exciting traditions is the Easter basket. Whether you're creating a basket for a child or a grown-up, finding the perfect items can be a delightful task. In this article, we will explore 25 Easter basket ideas that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. From traditional treats to unique and unexpected gifts, these ideas will inspire you to create a memorable Easter surprise.

1. Classic Chocolate Eggs

No Easter basket is complete without the classic chocolate eggs. These sweet treats are a staple of the holiday and come in a variety of flavors and sizes. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate, there is something for everyone's taste. You can also find eggs filled with caramel, nougat, or even peanut butter. Adding a few of these delicious eggs to the basket is sure to make anyone's Easter extra special.

2. Plush Easter Bunny

A plush Easter bunny is a timeless gift that brings joy to both kids and grown-ups. Choose a soft and cuddly bunny in pastel colors to match the Easter theme. This adorable companion will provide comfort and companionship long after the holiday is over. It's a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

3. Coloring Books and Crayons

For creative minds, coloring books and crayons are a fantastic addition to an Easter basket. Choose themed coloring books with Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowers. Pair them with a set of high-quality crayons or colored pencils to encourage artistic expression. This gift is not only entertaining but also promotes relaxation and mindfulness.

4. Personalized Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Make Easter egg hunts even more exciting with a personalized egg hunt kit. Include colorful eggs, a basket, and personalized clues for a fun and interactive experience. This gift will create lasting memories and add a personal touch to the Easter celebration.

5. DIY Craft Kits

Encourage creativity and imagination with DIY craft kits. There are various Easter-themed kits available, such as egg decorating kits, painting sets, and jewelry-making kits. These activities are not only enjoyable but also help develop fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

6. Stuffed Animal Chick

Bring a little Easter cheer with a cute stuffed animal chick. This soft and huggable companion is perfect for cuddling and makes a great addition to any Easter basket. It's a gift that will bring smiles and warmth throughout the year.

7. Puzzle Books

Puzzle books provide hours of entertainment and brain-teasing challenges. Choose Easter-themed puzzle books that feature crosswords, word searches, and mazes. These books are not only fun but also help improve cognitive skills and vocabulary.

8. Easter-themed Pajamas

Surprise your loved ones with Easter-themed pajamas. Choose designs that feature bunnies, chicks, or colorful Easter eggs. These cozy and comfortable pajamas will make bedtime extra special and add a festive touch to the holiday.

9. Outdoor Toys

With Easter marking the arrival of spring, outdoor toys are a fantastic addition to any Easter basket. Include items like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, or a frisbee. These toys encourage physical activity and provide endless fun in the fresh air.

10. Storybooks

Storybooks are a wonderful way to spark imagination and foster a love of reading. Choose Easter-themed storybooks that tell tales of bunnies, eggs, and springtime adventures. Reading together is not only enjoyable but also promotes language development and bonding.

11. Personalized Name Puzzle

A personalized name puzzle is a unique and educational gift. Choose a wooden puzzle with the child's name and encourage them to solve it. This gift helps with letter recognition and fine motor skills while providing a personalized touch.

12. Bubble Bath and Bath Toys

Make bath time more enjoyable with bubble bath and bath toys. Choose Easter-themed bubble bath products and add some colorful rubber ducks or other bath toys. This gift adds a playful element to everyday routines and encourages good hygiene habits.

13. Gardening Tools and Seeds

With spring in full swing, gardening tools and seeds make a great Easter basket surprise. Include child-sized gardening gloves, a small shovel, and packets of flower or vegetable seeds. This gift encourages outdoor exploration and educates children about nature and plants.

14. Mini Lego Sets

Lego sets are a timeless gift that provides hours of entertainment and encourages creativity. Include a mini Lego set with an Easter theme, such as a bunny or an egg. This gift allows kids and grown-ups alike to build and create their own Easter-inspired masterpieces.

15. Mini Board Games

Mini board games are perfect for Easter baskets as they provide entertainment on-the-go. Choose compact versions of classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Uno. These games are not only fun but also help develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

16. Easter-themed Stickers

Easter-themed stickers are a simple yet delightful addition to any Easter basket. Choose stickers featuring bunnies, eggs, or spring flowers. These stickers can be used for decorating notebooks, cards, or simply for fun.

17. Musical Instruments

If you want to encourage musical talent, consider adding a small musical instrument to the Easter basket. Options include harmonicas, recorders, or miniature keyboards. This gift promotes creativity and a love for music.

18. Bath Bombs

Make bath time a luxurious experience with scented bath bombs. Choose Easter-themed bath bombs with fragrances like lavender, citrus, or floral scents. These bath bombs create a relaxing atmosphere and are ideal for a little self-care.

19. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun and temporary way to add some Easter flair. Choose tattoos featuring bunnies, chicks, or colorful eggs. These tattoos provide a playful and creative activity for kids and can be easily removed.

20. Personalized Jewelry

Add a touch of elegance to the Easter basket with personalized jewelry. Consider a bracelet or necklace with a pendant featuring the recipient's initials or birthstone. This gift is a keepsake that can be cherished for a lifetime.

21. Art Supplies

For budding artists, art supplies are a must-have in an Easter basket. Include sketchbooks, paint sets, or colored pencils. This gift encourages self-expression and allows the recipient to explore their artistic abilities.

22. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind and improve cognitive skills. Choose Easter-themed puzzles with varying difficulty levels. This gift provides hours of entertainment and challenges for both kids and grown-ups.

23. Personalized Easter Basket

A personalized Easter basket adds a special touch to the holiday tradition. Have the recipient's name embroidered on the basket or choose a unique design that reflects their interests. This gift can be used year after year and creates a sense of ownership and belonging.

24. Healthy Snacks

For those who prefer healthier alternatives, consider adding a selection of nutritious snacks to the Easter basket. Include items like fruit bars, dried fruit, or granola bites. This gift promotes healthy eating habits and provides energy for all the Easter festivities.

25. Tickets to a Show or Event

For a truly memorable Easter gift, consider tickets to a show or event. Whether it's a concert, a theater performance, or a sporting event, this gift creates lasting memories and experiences. Check local listings for family-friendly events happening around Easter.


Easter baskets are a delightful tradition that brings joy and excitement to both kids and grown-ups. By incorporating these 25 Easter basket ideas, you can create a unique and unforgettable surprise for your loved ones. From classic treats to personalized gifts, there is something for everyone's taste and interests. Remember to add a personal touch to make the Easter basket truly special. Happy Easter!


1. Can I customize the Easter basket ideas for different age groups?

Yes, you can customize the Easter basket ideas based on the age and interests of the recipient. For example, younger children may enjoy plush toys and coloring books, while older kids and grown-ups may prefer DIY craft kits or personalized jewelry.

2. Are there any Easter basket ideas that promote learning?

Yes, several Easter basket ideas promote learning, such as puzzle books, DIY craft kits, and personalized name puzzles. These gifts help develop cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.

3. How can I make the Easter basket more eco-friendly?

You can make the Easter basket more eco-friendly by choosing reusable items like personalized baskets, wooden puzzles, or gardening tools. You can also opt for organic and sustainable treats and snacks.

4. Are there any Easter basket ideas for someone who doesn't like chocolate?

Absolutely! If the recipient doesn't enjoy chocolate, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Consider adding healthy snacks like fruit bars or dried fruit, personalized jewelry, or tickets to a show or event. You can also include items like bath bombs, art supplies, or outdoor toys.

5. How can I make the Easter basket more budget-friendly?

If you're looking to create an Easter basket on a budget, there are plenty of affordable options available. Consider items like coloring books and crayons, stickers, temporary tattoos, or mini board games. You can also include homemade treats or DIY crafts to personalize the basket without breaking the bank.


Creating a memorable Easter basket is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday and bring joy to both kids and grown-ups. By incorporating these 25 Easter basket ideas, you can create a unique and personalized surprise that will be cherished for years to come. From classic chocolate eggs to personalized jewelry, there are options for every age and interest. Remember to add a personal touch and consider the recipient's preferences to make the Easter basket truly special. Happy Easter!



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