35 Spring Wreaths That Will Freshen Up Your Front Door


25. Tropical Paradise

Bring a touch of the tropics to your front door with a wreath adorned with exotic flowers like hibiscus, orchids, or bird of paradise. These wreaths will transport you to a sunny beach and create a vacation-like atmosphere.

26. Glamorous Gold

Add a touch of luxury and glamour to your front door with a wreath adorned with gold accents like metallic leaves, glittery flowers, or shimmering ribbons. These wreaths will make a statement and create a sophisticated and elegant look.

27. Vibrant Vibes

Make a bold statement with a wreath adorned with vibrant and eye-catching colors. Opt for a design featuring bold flowers like peonies, dahlias, or ranunculus. These wreaths will instantly brighten up your home and create a cheerful atmosphere.



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