The Lilly Pulitzer X Pottery Barn Collaboration Is Finally Here


Additionally, the collection also includes a number of eco-friendly options, reflecting both brands’ commitment to sustainability. From furniture made with responsibly sourced materials to bedding and textiles crafted from organic cotton, the collection offers environmentally conscious choices for those who want to create a more sustainable home.

Bringing the Lilly Pulitzer Lifestyle Home

One of the key objectives of the Lilly Pulitzer X Pottery Barn collaboration is to bring the vibrant and joyful Lilly Pulitzer lifestyle into the home. Lilly Pulitzer is not just a fashion brand; it is a way of life, characterized by a love for color, a sense of adventure, and a celebration of the everyday.

With this collaboration, Lilly Pulitzer and Pottery Barn aim to capture the essence of this lifestyle and translate it into home decor. The collection is designed to inspire and uplift, offering pieces that bring a sense of joy and whimsy into any space.



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