The Real-Life House From “Steel Magnolias” Is The Ultimate Girls’ Trip Destination


Exploring Natchitoches Through “Steel Magnolias”

While the “Steel Magnolias” house is undoubtedly a major draw for visitors, it’s just the beginning of the experience. Natchitoches offers several ways to immerse oneself in the world of the film and explore the town through the lens of “Steel Magnolias.”

1. “Steel Magnolias” Film Sites Tour

Embarking on a guided tour of the “Steel Magnolias” film sites is a must for any fan. These tours take visitors to various locations around Natchitoches that were featured in the movie, including the church where Shelby’s wedding took place and the charming downtown area.

2. Truvy’s Beauty Spot

After visiting the real-life “Steel Magnolias” house, a stop at Truvy’s Beauty Spot is a must. This charming salon, inspired by the film, offers visitors the chance to be pampered and styled in true Southern fashion. From hair and makeup services to boutique shopping, Truvy’s Beauty Spot is the perfect place to feel like one of the “Steel Magnolias” characters.



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