15 Easter Flower Arrangements That’ll Stun On Your Holiday Table


10. Pansies

Pansies are cheerful flowers that come in a wide array of colors and patterns. These small, delicate blooms are perfect for adding a pop of color to your Easter table. Arrange pansies in small vases or use them to create a charming floral wreath.

11. Anemones

Anemones are unique flowers that feature bold, contrasting colors and a dark center. These blooms symbolize anticipation and excitement, making them a fitting choice for Easter celebrations. Arrange anemones in a clear vase to showcase their striking beauty.

12. Irises

Irises are elegant flowers that come in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, and white. These blooms symbolize hope and faith, making them a meaningful addition to your Easter flower arrangements. Combine irises with other spring flowers or showcase them on their own for a sophisticated centerpiece.



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