15 Easter Flower Arrangements That’ll Stun On Your Holiday Table


3. How can I make my Easter flower arrangement last longer?

To prolong the lifespan of your Easter flower arrangement, trim the stems at an angle before placing them in water, change the water every few days, and remove any wilted or decaying flowers.

4. Are there any flowers I should avoid using in Easter arrangements?

While there are no hard and fast rules, it’s best to avoid flowers with thorns or strong scents that may overpower the room. Additionally, some flowers may be toxic to pets, so it’s important to research the safety of flowers before including them in your arrangements.

5. Can I use artificial flowers for my Easter arrangements?

While fresh flowers are often preferred for their beauty and fragrance, artificial flowers can be a great alternative if you want a long-lasting arrangement. Look for high-quality artificial flowers that closely resemble the real thing for the best results.



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