A 1930s Regency-Style Home Goes Off Script


The transformation began with extensive research into Regency architecture, examining the key elements that defined the style. Sarah wanted to preserve the essence of the era while infusing it with her own unique vision. This approach would ultimately result in a harmonious blend of old and new.

Preserving the Regency Aesthetic

One of the primary goals of the renovation was to maintain the Regency aesthetic that permeated the home. This involved careful restoration of the original features, including the ornate plasterwork, intricate moldings, and elegant archways. The attention to detail was meticulous, with skilled craftsmen working tirelessly to bring the home back to its former glory.

Additionally, Sarah made a conscious effort to source authentic Regency-era furniture and decor to populate the interior spaces. This included delicate chandeliers, vintage wallpaper, and period-specific artwork. Every piece was chosen with the utmost care to ensure that it complemented the overall design scheme.



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