A 1930s Regency-Style Home Goes Off Script


Unique Features That Set This Home Apart

Throughout the renovation process, Sarah incorporated several unique features that set this home apart from others in the area. These features not only added visual interest but also enhanced the functionality and livability of the space.

1. A Rooftop Terrace

One standout feature of the home is the addition of a rooftop terrace. This was a bold move that required careful engineering and structural planning. The terrace offers breathtaking views of the surrounding neighborhood and serves as a private sanctuary where Sarah can unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

2. A Hidden Wine Cellar

Hidden behind a bookshelf in the study is a secret wine cellar. This unexpected feature adds an element of intrigue and surprise to the home. The cellar is climate-controlled and can store an impressive collection of wines, making it a true connoisseur’s delight.



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