15 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do At A Wedding


4. Using Your Phone During the Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are meant to be cherished and enjoyed in the present moment. Using your phone to take pictures, send messages, or browse social media can be seen as disrespectful and distracting. Show respect for the couple by being fully present during the ceremony.

5. Making Inappropriate Comments

Weddings are a time of celebration, and it is important to maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere. Making inappropriate comments about the couple, their families, or the wedding itself can dampen the mood and hurt the feelings of those involved. Choose your words wisely and spread love and positivity.

6. Getting Too Drunk

While it is acceptable to enjoy a few drinks at a wedding, getting excessively drunk can lead to embarrassing and disruptive behavior. It is important to maintain control and be respectful of the couple and other guests. Know your limits and drink responsibly.



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