15 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do At A Wedding


7. Upstaging the Couple

A wedding is a day for the couple to shine and be the center of attention. Trying to upstage them by wearing attention-grabbing outfits or monopolizing the dance floor can be seen as disrespectful. Remember to celebrate the couple and let them have their moment in the spotlight.

8. Criticizing the Food or Decor

Wedding planning involves countless decisions, including selecting the menu and decor. Criticizing these choices can hurt the feelings of the couple and their families. Even if something doesn’t meet your personal preferences, it is important to be gracious and appreciate the effort put into creating a memorable experience.

9. Ignoring Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements are carefully thought out to ensure a harmonious atmosphere and to accommodate guests’ preferences. Ignoring these arrangements and sitting wherever you please can cause confusion and disrupt the flow of the event. Respect the couple’s efforts and follow the assigned seating plan.



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