15 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do At A Wedding


10. Being a Disruptive Photographer

While it is natural to want to capture special moments at a wedding, being a disruptive photographer can intrude on the couple’s experience and distract other guests. Avoid blocking the view of others, using flash during the ceremony, or constantly interrupting the couple for pictures. Be considerate and mindful of the atmosphere.

11. Bringing Your Own Music

The couple has likely taken great care in selecting the music for their wedding day. Bringing your own playlist or requesting songs that are not on the planned agenda can disrupt the flow of the event and undermine the couple’s efforts. Allow the couple to enjoy their chosen music and refrain from making requests.

12. Making Excessive Noise

Weddings are filled with heartfelt speeches, emotional vows, and beautiful music. Making excessive noise, talking loudly, or interrupting these moments can be seen as disrespectful. Show your appreciation for the couple and the ceremony by maintaining a quiet and respectful atmosphere.



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