15 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do At A Wedding


3. Should I bring a gift to a wedding?

Bringing a gift to a wedding is customary and a thoughtful gesture to congratulate the couple. It is best to refer to the couple’s registry or consult the invitation for any specific gifting instructions. If in doubt, a monetary gift or a personal, heartfelt present can be a great choice.

4. Can I take pictures during the ceremony?

Taking pictures during the ceremony is generally discouraged, as it can be disruptive and distract from the couple’s special moment. It is best to be fully present during the ceremony and refrain from using your phone or camera. There will likely be designated times for photography during the reception.

5. How can I show my support for the couple at a wedding?

Showing support for the couple at a wedding can be done in various ways. Be genuinely present, offer congratulations and well wishes, participate in the planned activities, and dance and celebrate with the couple. Your positive energy and enthusiasm will contribute to the joyous atmosphere and create lasting memories for the couple.



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