15 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do At A Wedding


13. Being a Nosy Guest

Weddings often involve personal and intimate moments for the couple and their families. Being a nosy guest and prying into private matters can make others uncomfortable and disrupt the joyous atmosphere. Respect people’s boundaries and focus on celebrating the couple’s love.

14. Trying to Change the Schedule

Weddings are meticulously planned with a specific timeline in mind. Trying to change the schedule or suggesting alterations can cause unnecessary stress for the couple and their wedding planner. Trust in their planning abilities and go with the flow of the event.

15. Leaving Early Without Proper Goodbyes

Leaving a wedding early without saying proper goodbyes to the couple and their families can be seen as rude and dismissive. Take the time to personally thank the couple for inviting you and wish them well on their journey together. It is a small but meaningful gesture that shows your appreciation.



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